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The State-of-the-Art Venue for ‘Empty Nesters’: Delacey Place

The children have long since moved out of the house, and the parents/grandparents are looking to downsize. The living space of a several-thousand-square-foot home is simply too much, considering their children have long since graduated high school.

However, there is a desire to stay close to home—in the heart of Pasadena—where they are walking distance from shopping, dining and entertainment hotspots, including a movie theater.

And, perhaps most importantly, they want to remain close to local friends and loved ones.

Sound familiar?

For many “downsizing” families, Delacey Place has become the answer.

Delacey Place, a 30-unit mixed-use condominium project in Old Pasadena, offers the Baby Boomers a lifestyle and setting that is commensurate with their existing homes, standards and amenities.There is a state-of-the-art gym, concierge service, pool and spa, along with very distinguished, high-quality finishes that are not found in most other condominiums.

Toledo Homes, Inc. is a boutique developer of high-end and skillfully crafted condominiums that has served Pasadena since 1994. A company priding itself on passion, conviction and integrity, it has successfully found happy buyers for its beautiful residences.

Toledo Homes was able to target two new trends of homebuyers that are evolving: Empty-nesters and the Baby-Boomer generation relocating in the metropolis, and the younger career professionals who are looking for elegant, modern, high-end residences, which are energy-efficient and LEED-certified. Delacey Place has become a destination to many “downsizers” that demand quality, finishes and lifestyle that they have been looking for.

“They like to maintain their living standards, but in a smaller home where most everything is available and is handled for them, thus giving them more free time to travel or entertain.” said Mike Balian, the president and CEO of Toledo Homes.

Perhaps the best testimonial to the quality of Delacey Place is the project has recently sold 12 units, 10 of which were priced between $1 million and $2.1 million. Delacey is an exquisite and unique destination for the empty-nesters who are comfortable to live in a smaller second home that offers them all of the luxuries and downtown living/shopping/dining accessibility. “Most of the buyers are cash buyers, some with funds coming from the sale of their larger suburban homes,” Balian said.

The caliber and ideal location of Delacey Place are contributing factors in making it so desirable. “There are only a few condos left, and there are no other development projects of this quality and character in the pipeline for Old Pasadena,” Balian said, “For people who are looking to downsize, they should seriously consider buying now because there might not be this opportunity for a long while in Old Pasadena.

“Combine that with wonderful financing opportunities. Delacey Place presents a unique investment opportunity for downsizers.”

For further information or to schedule an appointment to view a condominium, please call John Fairbanks at (626) 398-9000.


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