Toledo Homes – Setting the Standard in Luxury —Townhomes and Condos in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley

Toledo Homes is a Pasadena-based urban development company specializing in the construction of luxury condos and townhomes. With a project history that spans more than two decades, and a credit list that includes some of the most sought-after addresses in the San Gabriel Valley, our team has set a new bar for quality, craftsmanship and aesthetic value.

Invested in Community. Dedicated to Quality.

As residents who live, work and play in the San Gabriel Valley, we value community above all else. Our developments are designed to add beauty and substance to the neighborhoods in which they are constructed. When we site a location for a new development, we take into account the existing aesthetic, creating living spaces that are at once elegantly appointed, tastefully designed and situationally appropriate.

Tolodeo Homes - Luxury Condos in Pasadena

Unique Properties. Superior Value. A Reputation for Excellence Since 1996.

With more than 20 years in urban development and an unparalleled level of expertise in building townhomes and condos in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley, we understand the aesthetic, the history and the desires of our customers better than anyone else.

Tolodeo Homes - Luxury Condos in Pasadena

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

From project inception to completion, we build living and work spaces that uphold the highest standards in craftsmanship and architectural detail. Sparing no expense and using only the best materials, the finest design and an uncompromising attention to every aspect of the construction process, we have built a reputation as being Pasadena’s leader in luxury urban development.

An Industry-Leading Team of Designers, Architects, Artisans and Project Managers

We deliver the best, because we work with the best. Our team is comprised of contractors, architects, planners and designers who strive for excellence in everything they do, love their work and are dedicated to building living and work spaces that are at the apex of quality, comfort and style.

A Passion for Innovation. An Unwavering Dedication to Quality.

Toledo Homes founder and CEO, Mike Balian, is driven by the desire for continual improvement and a love for building homes of the highest caliber. With an educational background in mechanical engineering and an eye for design shaped by a family rich with engineers, builders and architects, Mike leads his teams of architects, craftspeople, artisans, designers and project managers to always do better, work harder and make each project the best it can be, so that every development exceeds expectations and every customer finds the home of their dreams.

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